Reconcile your payment card by 29 April 2022

Published: 20 April 2022

The deadline for reconciling your payment card lines for March and earlier is 29 April 2022.

All payment card lines for 2021/22 need to be reconciled by 29 April for them to be automatically accrued into the last financial year as part of our year-end process.

Any lines still outstanding (unreconciled and in workflow) after 29 April will be allocated to the current financial year (2022/23) if they have completed workflow by the end of May.

Any lines still outstanding by the end of May will be considered “costs not reconciled” and you will be asked to repay the value of those lines.

You can learn more about how to reconcile your payment card on IPSA Online by visiting Card payments.

There you can read our Payment card policy, and find guidance on:

To complete the reconciliation, visit IPSA Online.

If you need help or support in reconciling your payment card, book a call with your account manager.