Covid-19 surveys

We are conducting two surveys to gather information about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your responses will help us understand the extent to which the measures put in place supported you during the pandemic. They will also be used to inform future policy decisions.

The first survey is about special measures put in place during the pandemic. It covers:

  • the increase to office costs budget related to Covid

  • Covid-related staffing budget supplement

  • the working from home allowance for staff

  • changes to the submission of expenses

Take the COVID measures survey

The second survey examines:

  • changes to casework levels during the pandemic

  • staff wellbeing

  • homeworking and return to office plans

Take the COVID impact survey

The surveys cover a range of issues across related areas. Your responses to both will be valuable in informing our understanding and decision-making. We therefore very much hope that you are able to complete both surveys.

Both surveys close on Friday 6 August at 5pm.