Add IPSA's website as a favourite or tab

Last summer we launched this website for MPs and staff. The website is a one-stop-shop for many queries relating to IPSA tasks.

More than 2,000 MPs and staff have visited the website in the past three months with the website receiving fifteen thousand page views during that period.

To make visiting the website as easy as possible for you, we recommend that you add it as a tab or a favourite so you can access it quickly when you need to. The process for doing this on different computers will vary but in Google and Internet Explorer browsers you can use the "star" icon in the top right corner to bookmark the page or press CTRL + D on the page you want to bookmark and select "Done" or "Add" in the pop-up to bookmark the page.

You can also set the IPSA website as a tab. In Google, go to "Settings", "Default browser", "On startup" and add as a new page.

IPSA website default tab (Google)

In Internet Explorer, open the "Tools" wheel in the top right of the page and select "Internet options". From there you can add as a homepage or tab, along with any other pages, and then click "Apply".

IPSA website default tab (IE)