Understanding business costs


IPSA regulates and administers MPs' staffing and business costs, and decides the pay and pensions of elected MPs and their staff in the UK.

We are committed to helping MPs focus on what matters by providing the funding required to run your office and employ staff.

We also build trust in wider democracy by publishing business costs and providing information to the public.


You can pay for things yourself and submit reimbursement claims in IPSA Online.

For more information, visit Making reimbursement claims.

Claims must always be compliant with the Scheme rules.

IPSA also provides a Payment Card to MPs so you can claim business costs without needing to incur personal costs and claim them back.

You can also apply for a Payment Card for your proxy to make running your office more convenient.

You also have access to direct suppliers, from whom you can order items with reduced administration.

IPSA pays these suppliers directly and discounts the costs from your budgets.

For more information, visit Direct suppliers.

Budgets are provided to run the full course of a financial year (1 April to 31 March).

Because we are mid-way through the 2024-25 financial year, your budgets are:

Budget headingArea/Eligibility2024-25 budget
Accommodation – rental or hotel London£21,666.58
Accommodation – rental or hotel Constituency (outside London) £14,750.14
Accommodation – associated costs onlyNon-London-area MPs£4,904.38
Accommodation uplift for MPs with dependantsPer eligible dependent per year (max. three uplifts) £4,941.37
Office costs London-area MPs £27,036.99
Office costsNon-London-area MPs £24,425.75
Staffing costs London-area MPs £198,653.42
Staffing costs Non-London-area MPs £185,538.08
Start-up supplementAll new MPs£6,000

Our Evidence requirements explain all cost categories and the budgets that costs can be allocated to.

Claims require supporting documentation before we can reimburse you or your staff.

The Evidence requirements outline the evidence that must be attached for each type of claim.

Use the Evidence requirements to familiarise yourself with making claims.

This will ensure they progress quickly and seamlessly.

Your Payment Card enables you to pay for costs that are essential to your parliamentary function.

Costs incurred on the Payment Card must be reconciled on the eighth of each month (or the next business day if this falls on a weekend).

When the time comes for your first Payment Card reconciliation, we will show you how to complete the task.

Remember – costs are published on our public website, so only use the Payment Card for business costs, and please always observe our Payment Card Policy.

For more information and guidance, visit Card payments.

You can also find information about Using the Barclaycard app.

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