Bulletin, 28 April 2022 (Payment Card Deadline, New Business Cost Type, IPSA Online Maintenance)

Updated: 29 April 2022

Due to year-end, the deadline for reconciling your payment card lines for March and earlier is 23:55 tomorrow, 29 April 2022. If your payment card is not reconciled by this date, your card will be suspended and the costs will only be able to be claimed in the current financial year.

Please also remember that all reimbursement claims for 2021-22 that were included on your year-end form must be submitted on IPSA Online by Friday, 13 May 2022. We will begin to make movements in line with our year-end process and your requests in mid-May.

We had originally planned to make some changes today to IPSA Online which may have briefly affected your ability to log-in for up to 30 minutes. We are now planning this work for Wednesday, 4 May 2022 to ensure continuity of service at a busy period.

As we mentioned last week, we have made the redacted data covering claims from June 2021 to January 2022 available to you for review. You can view the data by logging in here. We recommend that you check your data before we publish and if you think we have missed anything, please contact us by Wednesday, 1 June.

New business cost-type on IPSA Online

We will soon be adding an additional business cost type under Rail.

You will now have the option to specify whether your ticket includes a London Travel Card or not.

Claims including a travelcard will come under Rail, and journeys not including the travel card can be claimed under Rail without Travel Card.

Mileage claims

Additionally, you will no longer be able to claim for mileage before the date of the specified journey. Any claims for mileage made before the date the cost is incurred will be automatically rejected.

Scheduled IPSA Online Maintenance

At 17:00 on 4 May 2022, we will be making some changes to IPSA Online logins that will increase security and allow us to develop new services in the future.

Logins to IPSA Online may be affected for up to thirty minutes while we make the change.

On completion, you will notice that the next time you are prompted to login to IPSA Online, the initial login page will display the IPSA login page and not the current Parliamentary Digital Services login page. All other screens will be unaffected.

Your username and password won’t be changed as part of the process, please continue to use them as before. Users who aren’t using parliament.uk addresses may have to complete additional setup screens for two-factor authentication. Details of this are on our website.